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Decision-Making & Parenting Disputes

Recent changes to legislation have changed the previously used terms “custody and access” to “decision-making and parenting time” to better reflect the ever-changing family dynamics in Ontario households. Miranda assists parents, guardians or other individuals participating in the care of children and involved in family law matters. Miranda is able to negotiate and create parenting plans whether that is through an out of court agreement or litigation.

Child Protection Proceedings

Miranda has extensive experience dealing with Family and Children’s Services of Niagara (“FACS”) and child protection proceedings. She represents clients in proceedings involving FACS and assists our clients in creating and executing Plans of Care. Representation includes locating community resources, negotiating access schedules and representing clients through the litigation process.

Division of Family Property

The division of marital or shared assets, debts and property can be extremely confusing and complex during the breakdown of a marriage or relationship. Miranda assists her clients in understanding their property rights including equalization of family property, unjust enrichment claims and claims for constructive trust. Whether this division is occurring as part a family law proceeding or a separation agreement Miranda represents clients with appropriate financial disclosure and determining each parties’ entitlements to shared property.


In Canada, a Divorce can proceed through the Superior Court of Justice as part of a family law proceeding or as a sole claim. Miranda represents clients in their divorce whether it is part of a larger proceeding or its own application.

Separation Agreements
Separation Agreements

Cohabitation & Separation Agreements

Not all family matters have to go through court. Miranda represents clients in out of court negotiations on all issues including decision-making, parenting time, support and division of property. Miranda will assist clients with financial disclosure between parties, negotiation of terms for the agreement, preparation and execution of a cohabitation or separation agreement.

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    What Our Clients Say About Our Services

    Where do I start? The experience I had with Miranda and her team was incredible. They worked so hard to ensure that my son would continue to live a healthy, stable life. It was a long fight but they never disappointed. Miranda is such a knowledgeable and kind human being which made a stressful process that much more bearable. I will never stop recommending Miranda to anyone that needs a lawyer in family law!

    — Brooke